The following import documents are available in PDF format. They can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader® which is available as a free download at the Adobe Website. These documents are also available in other formats. Please contact our main office.


Cataract US Forms



10 + 2 Importer Security Filing


New Client Instructions


New Client Information Sheet


U.S. Power of Attorney


U.S. Power of Attorney (SAMPLE)


U.S. Power of Attorney Certificate


U.S. Power of Attorney Certificate (SAMPLE)


Application for U.S. Customs Import Bond


434: NAFTA


Textile Declaration


Temporary Export - Certificate of Registration


(TSCA) Toxic Substance Control Act summary sheet


Declaration - Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles


Prior Notice Form



United States Customs & Border Protection (CBP)

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Forms

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

740: Statement Regarding the Importation of Radio Frequency Devices Capable of Causing Harmful Interference

Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

2877: Declaration for Imported Electronic Products Subject to Radiation Control Standards


FDA Online Forms Catalog

Department of Transportation (DOT)

HS-7: Declaration of Importation of Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment Subject to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety, Bumper and Theft Prevention Standards

Department of Agriculture

Plant and Plant Product Declaration Form

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Information For Importers and Exporters


Import & Export Permits Information



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